From Südsteiermark to Steirerland

Our journey began with the desire to create something unique that reflects our connection to the region, its nature and all its people, together with our passion for winemaking. That's why we followed the Styrian wine tradition and incorporated our wines which are characterised by their origin into the DAC system. It was the right decision at the time and one we would make again and again. But a lot has happened since then. We have learnt a lot, grown and always gone further to get the best out of our vineyards.

Today we not only farm organically but have also been in official Demeter conversion since 2024. A commitment that is close to our hearts and in our nature as it reflects our dedication to vineyard work, the promotion of biodiversity in and around our vineyards and our restraint in winemaking. And this ultimately led to our very own idea of wine from Southern Styria which does not go hand in hand with the general DAC expectations. Our path now leads us to Steirerland where we are constantly deepening our idea of wine.

Deeply rooted, newly grown

The basis for all our wines remains our terroir on the Sernauberg near Gamlitz characterised by a conglomerate soil formed over millions of years influenced by the special climatic conditions of southern Styria and made by people who have become "family". It is a very special place where we have arrived and where we have found ourselves. And which we want to bring pure and authentic into the bottle in order to continue producing lively, refined and above all forward-looking wines. But in our very own language, on our very own path.

More than just a name

It's not so easy to name wine lines. After all a name needs to be well thought out as it is part of your own identity. It already outlines the story that lies dormant in its bottle, reveals what we were thinking while working in the vineyard. Not an easy endeavour but one that has given us a lot of pleasure (in many hours and conversations) and sometimes also a little frowning and which we would like to share with you here and now:


The introduction to our world of wine, it's about arriving and opening up. To feel the heartbeat of our region and simply savour the moment. Grape cooperations with regional organic partner companies are possible.

The beginning of the main range also symbolises our invisible compass that reliably guides us. These wines are made from younger plots before maturing for 18 months, 12 of which are on the lees.

Muscat | Sauvignon Blanc | Burgundy (Morillon, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris)

Vines that, at 15 to 30 years old, are as deeply rooted in the Sernauberg as within the region and its people. The wines in this line mature for 1 year on the full lees and a further 18 months on the fine lees before we share them with the world.

Sauvignon Blanc | Burgundy (Morillon, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris)

A wine made from grapes from the most expressive parcels. Year after year, a snapshot of our vineyard and our daily endeavours. Made from grape varieties typical of the region, vinified together.

2021: Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Morillon, Pinot Gris, Muscatel

The path to wine is our fascination, the way we look at it guides our craft. In this wine line, the focus is always on the whole skin.

Muscat | Sauvignon Blanc | Pinot Noir